Back to a beginner’s spirit!

Summer is close to end, we don’t feel the sign of autumn though.
In Okinawa, here’s still super hot in every single day.
Fortunately, typhoon is not coming to Okinawa mainland in this summer yet.

Our Summer Internship program is close to end.
Internship students aim to get something in 10days.

“Practice makes perfect”.

First of all, Internship program builds a friendly relationship with the staff of the host company.
That’s exactly an important experience.
Because we have shared with the project and time, of course.

And then, They noted that keep imaginative and objective at the project.
“AI” is simulating the human communication skills, which must care about the human feelings, relationship and timeline.
That’ll be predicted by AI.


Finally, Final presentation will be performed tomorrow by Internship students.
So exciting for me.
I am constantly saying that “back to a beginner’s spirit”.

The internship students gives liveliness support to workplace.
We’re never going to lack of the challenge spirits.
This is surely from the internship student gives it to us.

So they’re already colleagues in the Okinawa branch office.

by Jetrun Technology CEO Hiroshi Notake, for Students.